About Us

In today's fast moving era, with rapid adoption of technology in every field, education is not left behind in the race. In fact, technology plays a major role in shaping the learner's future and the educator's vision. Many educators spend a lot of money to buy tools that help in managing the students with the help of technology. But sadly, it's not what they need at the end of the day.

Classworks India was developed to help technology get adapted to the educational institutions more easily and effectively with powerful tools such as Classworks Attendance, Announce, Exams and Collect to make the campus go 100% digital.

The whole team at Classworks beleive that providing more than expectations wins hearts. That's why we develop products that educators will love to use.

Let's Rewind

1st November, 2018


On one fine evening, a parent was worried about her child's school not updating what's happening in school regularly. This made the spark to forge into the education sector to develop quality and promising product to bridge the problem with additional features that will make that parent smile.

27th November, 2018


Four entrepreneurial enthusiasts teamed up to build the new dream in front of all the founders. Yes, the first employees of the company were so excited to venture out to test the new idea. Check our team page to get more info about our founders. Thus marked the start of Classworks.

28th November, 2018


One day later, the product was named as Classworks and the the domain classworks.co was registered. The social media pages for Classworks was also launched on the same day.
The Trademark was filed in India for the wordmark 'Classworks' on 13th December, 2018.

Note - Classworks is trademarked in India and classworks.co (aka) Classworks India is not available in United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

5th December, 2018


The product's first design draft was created and the development of the product was kicked off. Few selected target customers were identified and the product was fine tuned to meet the needs of those virtual customers.

3th February, 2019


The product was developed as a suite of applications namely Classworks Attendance, Classworks Announce, Classworks Exams and Classworks Collect to better carter the needs of the users. This made the administration and development of the product more easier and user-friendly.

Many more years to come...
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